Sunday, 7 May 2017

London Calling

Been a while I sat down and decided to write. All happened thanks to Facebook (on this day) that made me realise it's been a year since I wrote something commendable. 

Well, it's mostly because I've changed my pavilion. Now London is my heart, and hence as a Goan I thought I'd share my experience of staying in the city of dreams. 

For those already here, I'm sure you can relate with this post. For those who intend on visiting, here's a heads up of the five things you will encounter 

#5 Pounding 
Inevitably, whether you're an aristocrat or a beggar, the conversion is a inseparable part of us. I'm talking money conversion, before I land myself in more trouble. Before picking up any item whilst shopping, we tend to convert the pound value to rupee. Like I'd crib when I came to know that a single pao (bread) would cost me 50 pence (40 Indian Rupees). But I cannot crib, and one gets accustomed to it. The same Zara jacket would just cost you 60£ as opposed to 8k Indian Rupees.

#4 Faking
Faking it is in our genes. So much so that we can fake our entire personality. This remains fairly similar. I can bet you anything, at some juncture in your life , you've faked the British accent. Be it at the tube station, with your colleagues or friends. Guilty right? Don't worry, I do it on the daily if it makes you feel any better.

#3 Primarked
We all have that one ex, who we just want to keep a dirty little secret, yet cannot stop going back to. Well that's Primark for you. Whether you want to admit or not, Primark at one point was your best friend. Be it night or party wear, you once did own something or the other from the huge retail store. I mean come on, the very fact that there are so much outlets says something. 

No, Primark aren't paying me for this. Although I have no shame in admitting they do have pretty decent stuff for day to day wear. 

#2 Zebras cross
The actual purpose of a zebra crossing is served. Be it a Lamborghini ramming at 120 mph or a broken down Corolla, the moment you step foot on the zebra crossing they will stop for you and give you way to walk. It doesn't end there, it will be followed by a smile and a hand gesture of goodwill and acknowledgement. For a person coming from Goa, as offensive as it sounds, it was pretty amusing.

#1 Weather sweater

You can leave your house, without your phone. You can also forget the keys if need be. But you cannot, you just cannot leave the house without any form of protection. No you perverts, I wasnt refering to what you're thinking right now.

I'm talking about either form of a jacket, because lets face it, the weather is too unpredicatable here. Wind, rain, sunshine each want to pay us a visit all the darn time.
What's worse, no one is going to offer you their jacket even if you are done with your romantic date and he/she is dropping you home. That is confined to only movies and story books.

That's all for now, see you sooner than I would like to. If there are any errors, feel free to forgive me, this was all written on the amazing public transport from my way back home from work.



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  2. Really enjoyed the read.

  3. Interesting, original & couldn't agree to more.

  4. Great stuff David. Love how you make everything so interesting! Keep writing..

  5. Great stuff David. Love how you make everything so interesting! Keep writing..