Sunday, 10 April 2016

Serenity: Top 5 spots in Diwar

I’d never ever forgive myself if I hadn’t written about the most beautiful island of the state and a place I’m honoured to call home. Diwar island is easily the most serene, therapeutic, green, vivid island one would come across in Goa. What makes it even more special is that there is absolutely no road inlet or outlet, only way across is the ferry. The ferry connects the island at three distinct ferry points. Namely, Narva, Old Goa and Ribandar.

I would like to invite each one of you to visit this heavenly spot. Earlier as a kid, when my dad would brag to his friends about how beautiful the place was, I thought he was insane. Only after moving out of the place I realise how much sense his statement made donkey years back.

Here’s a list of my favourite 5 spots in the village:

#5. Malara Football Ground

Was a ground which was recognised by the Sports Authority of Goa in December 2009, but as a child way back in 2000 we would as kids play day in and out on this turf. I partly blame this very ground for giving me the slightly burnt complexion that I possess. At the same time I’m very thankful to it as the decent enough football I play I give credit to this place.

#4. Diwar Church

Built in the 16th century, this Portuguese masterpiece is still standing tall and divine. A place of worship for most of the locals, along with the divine intervention, one begins to question itself as to where they really are. The moment you exit the church, you see a temple right next to it. Full marks to this place for secularism. The view so splendid overlooking the Mandovi River, one can get a few glimpses of Panaji from here. Right next to the Church is the cemetery and a park for children to engage in outdoor activities.

#3. The bridge

I like to call this place the mini Howrah Bridge. Got a similar structure, but way smaller in size. The best place ever to witness a sunrise. The rays just illuminate and sparkle your day like no other. It is part of the Konkan Railways, so there is no shortage of passing by trains which has all the ingredients for a perfect Bollywood background.

#2. Ferries

They are available in numbers here, since there are three routes to enter and exit the island/village, you tend to fall in love with them slowly but surely if not at first sight. A meeting point for most locals where most gossip is discussed at pace. There are ferries every fifteen minutes in Old Goa and Ribandar. The Narva one though is every half an hour. Unless you are Aquaman or some super hero, this is your only way in and out of this beautiful island. Most of the local populace are against the idea of building a bridge as they consider it would disturb the tranquillity and safety of the island.

#1. The Tree

Hit to stardom for most of the people when the then “Hutch” advertisement was shot at this spot with the cute little pug. It only emulated with being featured in movies like Dil Chahta Hai and the so called sex scene in Finding Fanny which starred Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. For the locals it was no stranger, it stands aloof on the road which leads to the Ribandar Ferry. Sunsets over here can make you question what good did you deserve to witness a sight like this. We Diwadkars are fortunate enough to gaze at it on the regular.

Just typing this post has got me reminiscing how lucky I am to be a Goenkar. 

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