Thursday, 21 April 2016

Whiskey is risky: Top 5 Whiskey’s in Goa under Rupees 1200/-

These 750 ml babies are a pure delight. They might be classy, but when overdone can be a tad risky. Made from frain mash which is malted and used for different varieties including barley, corn, rye and wheat. It’s aged in wooden casks and made of charred white oak.

This is one of the few things in today’s world that gets better with age. There will always be a never ending debate as to how exactly to consume your whiskey. I say, put ice, mix water, cold drinks lime whatever you want. As long as you enjoy the drink, it should do no one any harm. Tourists main purpose of visiting Goa whether one accepts it or not is the cheap pricing of alcohol.

Here’s a list of my favourite whiskey’s under rupees 1200:

#5. Seagram’s 100 Pipers

This treat is a blended Scotch Whiskey. Its origin is in Scotland, but today it is bottled everywhere possible. 42.8% abv. The bottling is rather unique and something one can stare at for quite a while whilst sipping on the whiskey.  Little less known fact, it was earlier produced by the Chivas brothers and eventually sold to Seagram’s in 1949. Priced at Rupees 1000/- a bottle, this should definitely be on ones things to try out list.

#4. Black & White

Another blended Scotch whiskey, and no prizes for guessing the origin as well. Yes, Scotland. Extremely easy on the tongue, this whiskey can be sipped neat without a struggle. 42.8% abv, the green bottles are rather catchy. The logo features a black Scottish terrier and a white West Highland white terrier hence the concept of black and white. Priced at 1140 Indian Rupees you will know its worth after having a good drinking session with your buddies. Absolutely no hangover if stuck to the same drink.

#3. Antiquity Blue

Indian whiskey and bottled in India itself, this beauty is fairly new in the scene. Established in 1992, with 42.8% of alcohol by volume, the blue bottle looks extremely gorgeous beyond words. The pricing at rupees 600 is fairly justifiable as well. An accolade for this whiskey was receiving the silver best in class in the spirits tasting competition held at Las Vegas by the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America (WSWA).

#2. Vat 69

I think for any company to click, all you need to do is add a 69 to its name. Automatic success guaranteed. Despite its name, this is not a vatted malt, but a blend of 40 malt and grain whiskies. It’s a Scotch blended whiskey with 40% abv and originated way back in 1882. The bottling however never changed for the first hundred years, later on modifications were made in comparison to its bulbous design.


#1. Rockford Reserve 

I should probably be the brand ambassador and do PR for this drink. The number of bottles purchased, and endorsement I’ve done for this whiskey by word of mouth is unthinkable. Today almost all of my friends have switched to this drink. Priced at 570 Indian rupees I can vouch for this drink anytime. Taste so smooth and mellow, yet complex with maturity this blend of Scottish Malt whiskies and Indian grained spirits is for the win stuff. The bottle comes packed in the most decent cardboard boxing.

Drink responsibly but more importantly enjoy, and do remember, whiskey is risky but if drank with precaution it ends up classy.

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