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Delectable Delicacies: Top 5 local food dishes

Not to brag, but we Goans take our eating very seriously. Meals for the entire day have to be decided at the start of the day itself. For me, eating is priority. It would be a shame if I did not eat and was able to maintain my fat body. Since Goa is situated in the tropical climate, spices and flavours are abundant. The sea makes it favourable for sea food. The blend of Hindu origins, and four hundred years of Portuguese Colonisation is a result of tasty Goan cuisine today.

Here’s a list of my top 5 authentic Goan dishes:

#5. Chicken Cafreal

Masala marinated in the chicken which is made of vinegar, coriander leaves, green chillies as its main ingredients. Hits the tongue the moment it’s placed in your mouth. Preferred when the masala is well marinated. Can be served dry or in the form of gravy as well. Trust me this is absolute glory. Another mention to be made to Chicken Xacuti, definitely worth a try.

#4. Crab Xec-Xec/ Fish Thali

Fish thali consists of fried fish, sol kadi, gravy, a boiled vegetable, dried prawns and of course rice. Crab xec-xec is best accompanied by this thali or can be eaten solely as well, depending on personal prejudice. I prefer it with the thali however. Xec- xec is very similar in taste to xacuti masala. The key to a satisfactory meal especially with the fish thali and crab xec-xec is copious patience.

#3. Pork Vindaloo

Pungent, tangy and vinegar, how can one resist. Red in colour with everything one dreams of. The bacon for us Goans. The Goan Catholics like me fancy a lot of pork in our cuisine. The name is derived from the Portuguese term vinho e alho which means garlic and wine marinade. Another pork dish exclusive to Goa is Goan sausages which is dried with masala for days and placed in the form of sausages made of the intestines as the skin and the fat and meat placed inside it.

#2. Ross Omelette

Like the name suggests, an omelette is drowned in spicy chicken gravy, garnished with coriander, diced onions and chillies and served with pao (bread). Very commonly found at gaddos (stalls) all over the state. Reasonable and extremely scrumptious. Within Rupees 50 a plate, I for one am more than happy to gobble this as a snack as well as dinner on certain occasions.

#1. Cutlet Pao

Consists of beef or chicken steak deep fried in rava crumbs, placed in bread with minimal gravy and salads. The more succulent, the more appetizing the dish is. This could be made at home, but it tastes more heavenly at D’silva Restaurant in Miramar, which as per me sells the best Cutlet Pao in the world. Priced at fewer than 75 rupees, this tastes best with a bottle of Coca-Cola.

I hate writing posts like these, simply makes me want to eat all these delicacies in one go!

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