Friday, 8 April 2016

Viva Carnival! : Top 5 music festivals in Goa

If you do not fancy happy faces, vivid colours and blasting music, you probably are above 60 years of age or desperately need therapy. I like to believe I live for this, or rather better putting it; this is what keeps me going. Being a “Goenkar” only makes it justifiable to be a fan of these events. With no shortage of alcohol in the state, one can only imagine how high the pedestal is set at literally.

Without wasting much of your time, I’ve shortlisted my favourite 5 music festivals within the state.

#5. Panaji Carnival

Takes place 3-4 days before Lenten period, and hence there is no fixed date as such. King Momo is the one who officially calls the carnival open. King Momo is no king in actuality but just a fictional character who is got the belly like that of a pregnant woman. There are numerous floats which take place here from all parts of Goa. The Carnival location is from the Panaji Bridge to Panaji Market. It is absolute mayhem out here. It is compared very much to the Rio Carnival as well.

#4. Malar Bonderam

Takes place in my very own island and hence the prejudice towards it. The location is the St. Mathias Sports Club Road.Takes place usually during the third Saturday of August every year. This is considered as the smaller bonderam in comparison to the Diwar bonderam. The real reason for celebrating bonderam is the harvest in the village. However today it has gotten a bit commercial and not most are complaining. Wards from all over the Malar section of the village put up floats and dances. There are other events like fancy dress competitions as well for all age groups. Bonderam comes to a halt at sharp 10p.m where in a “Beat show” is performed. From round about 7p.m. to 10p.m. bands and Dj’s cater music to the ever ready to dance crowd.

#3. SuperSonic Festival

Only in its nascent stage, this festival sure knows how to attract crowds from all over the world. Takes place on the 27th-30th of December every year on the sands of the Candolim beach. Different stages cater to different preferences in genres of EDM. Tickets are roughly about 6k per individual for all four days. International and local talent showcase their talent out here. Stages, vibe and music make it absolutely worthwhile.

#2. Diwar Bonderam

If you want to know what pandemonium is, come visit Diwar Island somewhere around the fourth Saturday of August. Such a contrast to how peaceful it generally is. People flock in from all corners of the state for this one. No short of press coverage, floats are ecstatic. The “Beat show” attracts crowds and chaos is not the word. Cheap booze and snack stalls make it only more scintillating an experience. Timings are pretty much the same as the Malar Bonderam.

#1. Sunburn Festival

My favourite four days of the year are because of this stunning festival. Been visiting it since the inception 9 years back. Currently  hosted at the Vagator grounds, and clashes with the same dates as that of Supersonic. Becomes a bit of a hassle to visit both the festivals, but the priority is more towards this one. Asia’s best music festival and rightly so. Has practically everything one needs to have a good time plus recently the option of  camping is provided as well within those four days. Class acts in the EDM industry portray why they are  so highly looked upon out here.

Just typing this post has got me reminiscing how lucky I am to be a Goenkar. 


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