Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Capital City safe and sound! : Top 5 spots in Panaji City

The capital of the possibly India’s best state goes by the name Panaji. I, for one don’t like the new name as much in comparison to Panjim as it was earlier known by. A city which has practically everything you need to settle down and retrospect as well. It has a story behind almost every building, road or tree. However, in this post I’m focusing on the unique, the peculiar which would stand out in comparison to rest of the cities.

Here’s a list of 5 unique spots the city has to offer.

#5. Dona Paula Jetty

Right at the end of the city is located the Dona Paul jetty. Known as one of the most visited tourist destinations of the state, this is the place where you can still avail of the “I Love Goa”merchandise. And what’s worse half the people will be wearing the merchandise; question arises as to where and how they change their attire so quick. Nonetheless a very scenic beauty overlooking the Arabian Sea, blue in colour. A favourite spot for “romancing” and fishing as well. Always believed it appeared a tad more visually appealing in the nights though.

#4. Panaji Market
Fragrance of poultry, meat, fish, vegetables and spices? What’s not to love (evil smirk). One can avail of practically anything under the sun in this market. Be it an eye liner or a fake Adidas t-shirt, you are guaranteed to own it by the end of your shopping encounter. The thing I personally love the most about the entire market are the Mario Miranda artwork done on two sides of the wall. One coloured, and the other in classic black and white. Besides, the mobile repair shops are top notch out here.

#3. Miramar Beach

As per my personal survey the third most crowded beach in the state. And no I won’t tell you the first two. Coconut trees, a bit of grass, good amount of sand and the Arabian Sea are the perfect ingredients to attract any tourist. The locals however have ulterior motives. The food vendors out here will give yo mommas a run for their money big time. Chaat, Gola, Pav bhaji enough said! Oh and the latest craze is some decent Shawarma (nothing to brag about honestly). Many youngsters tend to play a lot of football here in addition to the eye candy of women in yoga pants deciding to take a jog is justifiable to visit.

#2. Panaji Church

What a sight it is at night, shining bright whether day or night. So well architectured, the staircases just add to the oomph factor. There is absolutely no way you can ignore having a glance of it. Standing tall in blue and white for as long as I can remember, this will always be used as one of the most influential landmarks within the city.

#1. Fontainhas

Known as the Latin Corner of the state, words fall short as to how well planned this side of the city is. Mini Portugal is what I term it as. So intricate in its architecture and boy oh boy the colour combinations of all the buildings and houses are on point. No exaggeration, I a procrastinator wants to actually walk through this section of the city and just explore how beautiful it really is. Lots of Portuguese is spoken here, and you certainly do feel like you’re in Portugal itself.

Honestly Panaji has a lot more to offer, my spots are a bit biased. One should visit the place to get the real feel of what I’m trying to get across.

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