Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Something Fishy : Top 5 restaurants for fish thali in Goa

When you say Goa, the first thing that pops up in the minds of tourists is sun, sand and alcohol. However, for most locals, it is food. And nothing more integral than that of the staple food; commonly known as fish curry rice or also fish thali.

People today undermine the relevance of food, most diet and remain fit. I however am a staunch believer of living to eat, rather than eating to live. My physical appearance is very much justified by the previous statement. Typical Goan fish curry rice constitutes of the but obvious rice, Goan coconut curry which is either made of prawns, mackerel fish or lady fingers as well. Based on the preference of your choice, each of these curries gives the same authentic touch and feel. The aroma of this curry is good enough to get your mouth salivating. This is further accompanied by a fried fish of one’s personal choice. The most common fishes are Mackerel, Chonak, Kingfish, either rava fried or purely recheado fried or a combination of both. My bias is towards a Kingfish with the combination of rava fry with the recheado masala.

Other side dishes may include vegetable bhaji’s like that of grams, cabbages, beetroots and so forth. Another common component of this fish thali ( Xitt Kodi in Konkani) is Kismoor, which is dried prawns and coconut shavings prepared to give it a bit of a tangy feel. More dishes are always welcome, but these are the basic entities. One consumes a sol kodi at the end of this thali, this is believed to improve the digestion. 
Here is a listing of my top 5 places to indulge in lip smacking xitt kodi

#5.  Copperleaf

A fairly new place located on the Chogum road, has done fairly well to gain reputation amongst most people who fancy fine dining fish thali. Priced at just Rupees 150/- inclusive of taxes, this place makes it a fairly beautiful experience to lunch or dine at. The décor the place is top notch, ample space to accommodate a huge crowd. 

Apart from fish thali, Copperleaf also offers a wide spread menu in Seafood, Goan, Tandoor, Chinese and Indian cuisines. One can be rest assured, once you pop in here, one will definitely revisit the place for an all-round perfect meal and ambiance

#4. Hotel Anantashram

Located in literally the heart of the city, this place has surely earned an accolade for itself. Serving one of the most scrumptious meals in and around Panaji (Capital of Goa) the  fish thali here is simply outstanding. It is very difficult to get a decent seating here as many of the office goers in the city consider the fish curry rice very homely. The interior and decors are nothing to brag about unlike the quality and taste of the food.

Service is extremely quick and one shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to try out the Serradura for dessert. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and will leave the place with a big smile on your face. At least I do every time.

#3. Star Bar & Restaurant

Facing the river view of the Mandovi, this quaint place is known for its authentic fish thali for donkey years now. I remember my father being a regular at this place, and always boasted about how delicious the food was here. Till date they have managed to maintain this authentic feel. Nothing tastes better with a fish thali accompanied by a nice chilled beer and the scenic view to die for.

Located in Ribandar, this restaurant has certainly visitors visiting from different part of the state, and rightly so.

#2. Kuttikar Bar & Restaurant

A bit of prejudice towards this place, as it is my go to place for fish thali if my mother doesn’t prepare lunch for me. Priced at just rupees 80/- you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once you’ve visited the place. The ambience and décor is nothing special, in fact below mediocre, but boy does the fish thali certainly more than make up for it.

Despite this, it has its fair share of regular customers and many top politicians and officials make it a point to visit the place. A little less known fact, this place is owned by the former MLA of the Cumburjua constituency and he makes sure each once rubs their belly by the end of the meal. The masala squids fry accompanied by the fish thali is an absolute treat.

#1. Ritz Classic

The first place that rings a bell when one says fish thali definitely has to be this one. At rupees 188/- per fish thali, one is rest assured to be wholly satisfied in every sense of the word. The décor is top notch and service is extremely quick and staff equally friendly.

I’ve indulged in meals more than I can remember and not once was I disappointed. Apart from the fish thali all the other Goan seafood is next level stuff. My personal favourite is the Chicken vindaloo and I would highly recommend it.

As I’m typing this, I’m already imagining myself visiting all these places at the earliest and I’m hoping you would do the same.


  1. Ikr.. ♡ fish for life.. and sol kadii oohh ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. If you take a trip down to the commercial capital of the state, one can indulge in a delicious fish thali tucked in the heart of Margao, a quaint yet always crowed place known as 'Konkani.' One can also try their Squid Sukka as it cmes packed with flavour and spice.

    1. Love how you said commercial capital :D Will definitely try it out:)

  3. This is interesting would surely visit next time!

  4. This is interesting would surely visit next time!