Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Nocturnal Life: Top 5 night clubs in Goa

Like most of the populace, I too am a staunch believer that Goa is definitely the partying capital of India. Filled with a vibrant and vivid nightlife, tourists from all corners of the world flock in to be part of this tourism marvel. Many surveys list Goa to be in the top ten partying destination across the globe. And I too can definitely vouch for this, growing up in a relatively conservative family; I for one had my share of sneaking out to actually experience this amazing nightlife.

With nightlife, come the obvious nightclubs. This post is dedicated to all the nocturnal creatures who find clubbing or partying as a means of escapism coupled with liberty. Goa for a tiny state that it is has a staggering number of nightclubs. Though the southern belt has a few nightclubs, the real hub is in the northern belt of the state. The real season actually kicks off from mid-October to end of April. During this phase, international tourists, Indian tourists as well as number of locals are seen being part of this exclusive nightlife. Not that it dies off after this, but there is a plunge nonetheless.

In Goa, the nightlife is the only relative stereotype. And yes, we do have day time jobs, and a very normal day to day life and routine. Nightclubs entry is valid for only 18 years and above. Alcohol is relative on the expensive side at these places.

I have had my share of blackouts, dancing like a retard on the floor, socialising and even remaining sober at the nightclubs. So it’s only right of me to list my top five nightclubs in Goa as per my prejudice and the overall experience I have been witnessing and will continue to for quite a while

#5 LPK (Love Passion Karma)

Possibly the biggest nightclub in the state, and boy it’s an architectural masterpiece. This rock carving themed interior club, located at Nerul, is listed as one of the World Heritage Sites. I see no reason as to why one wouldn’t want to visit this place. The normal couple entry is roughly Rupees 2000/- per couple on a regular Saturday night and this is inclusive of unlimited premium drinks as per listed on the night. 

There is a decent outdoor sitting area, which faces the sea and has the inscriptions LOVE PASSION KARMA lit up on the other side. This is total eye candy for a nature lover like me. The discotheque is fairly huge and has a special cage like feature, making it an ideal place for ladies to unleash their wild side and flaunt their dancing skills. In the discotheque there is a bar as well. LPK is well known for attracting a lot of the local tourists, and celebrities as well. They have special ladies night, retro nights, Bollywood nights and so on. One would not regret visiting this place for its visual pleasure it has to offer.

#4. Club Cubana

Situated on the Arpora hill, I’m awestruck every time I revisit this place. This cave like club, having different layers makes it an experience of a lifetime. The cubanas and swimming pool only enhance the looks of this place. The ladies nights on Wednesdays and their regular Saturday nights are a big hit.

This Club has  a very chilled out vibe and there a lot of foreigners that visit it because of its outstanding beauty and laid back architecture.

#3. Café Mambo

No Goa trip is complete without visiting Tito’s lane. Placed right at the end of the lane and intersecting the Baga beach, this is easily the most famous club in Goa and has been in top ten nightclubs across Asia on multiple occasions. However it was recently refurbished and this has only made its mark more prominent on the global scale. This club has been lucky to host DJ’s like Norman Doray, Albin Myers and so forth. 

The discotheque has a huge dance floor. Multiple bars are seen in this club and you must make a Tito’s card to avail drinks or any eatables. The outside sitting area gives one the option to smoke hookah if need be. I remember there was a time we would witness the sunrise while still partying out here.

#2. Cape Town Café

Somewhere in the midst of the Tito’s Lane, one cannot miss out on entering this place. Initially known for the only club to serve Jagermeister, it rose to fame. This then encouraged them to have activities like beer pong to involve interaction amongst the party animals. There is a sit out, where people can have a peek at all that’s happening on the lane.

The discotheque and VIP section is however cramped up on Saturday and Friday nights. They have a very popular Wednesday night where different bands from Goa perform. Other days of the week it is a fairly decent place to dine. One shall never miss out on the happy hours out here.

#1. SinQ

Still in its nascent stage and barely five years old, SinQ located in Candolim has definitely embarked itself on the world stage as one of the most fancy and luxurious nightclubs. State of the art discotheque and equally well placed Cubanas for the elite, this club is a great place to celebrate a function or occasion.

It has its share of resident Dj’s as well as local and international talent to perform. The incentive of this place is its swimming pool and my personal favourite, a pool table to lay back and pocket some balls. The dance floor is so cramped, one wants to break a leg literally!

I personally believe that social media has lowered the quality of the whole clubbing experience.Despite that, I just can’t wait to head to SinQ and celebrate Easter. It has been a bit of a ritual for the past three years, and I see nothing of that sort changing this year. Hope to bump into some of you’ll there.


  1. Wow.. so detailed.. makes me wana party right away! :D

    1. That was the whole purpose of this post :)

  2. David I think you should take me to these places on April 8th.

  3. David I think you should take me to these places on April 8th.

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