Friday, 18 March 2016

Coffee o'clock : Top 5 Cafes in Panaji

Whether it’s a much anticipated first date, regular date or just catching up with your pals, nothing makes the environment more favourable when complimented with delightful food at a cosy sit out. Cafes are numerous in the susegadstate of Goa. They are of high importance to those who want to kill time and also to those who want to spend “quality time”. 

An important criterion on deciding a good café is quality food and a decent décor and sitting arrangement. Oh and additional benefactors like free Wi-Fi, gaming stations and a pool table are more than welcome. The Capital city Panaji has more than sufficient locations for this lucrative venture. 

Here’s a list of my five favourite cafes to visit within Panaji and its periphery.

#5.Urban Café

A treat to the eye in every sense of the word, located in the awe-inspiring Fontainhas,right from its exterior, this is painted rather artistically to its more than fancy interior. It has a much laid back sit out on the ground floor. The top floor is what you got to look out for. The staircase has the most stand-out display of book hangings with just the right amount of illumination.

In all honesty, the edibles out here are mediocre. The ambience and the refreshing drinks make me want to come back here. Espresso and the milkshakes more than make up for the edibles. Oh and there’s high speed Wi-Fi, just in case you’re interested. 

#4. Lilly’s Flower

Like the name wasn’t catchy enough to draw ones attention. This quaint place in Caranzalem, from the outside might make you question yourself whether to enter or not. But take my word for it, you will be exiting the place with a bright smile on your face and probably rubbing your tummy rather satisfactorily. 

Resois, pork pies, beef chops and the must try out milkshakes are the reasons “uncle” has its regulars. The plus side of the milkshakes is you pay for one but practically get two glasses of the same milkshake. “Uncle” makes sure you are content, and his generous and homely feel makes one assume as though their own ghara. 

#3. Bodega

Bustling about in a sunny courtyard and catering the best red velvet cupcakes in town, this café located a top the Altinho hills is quite something. Part of Sunaparanta art Gallery, you will suddenly turn into an artist out here with the décor and sit out. Got a bit of a Portuguese feel to it.
This café also has an extensive variety of salads, soups, pastry, sandwiches and desserts. And no prizes for guessing, there is an option of free Wi-Fi as well. The open area of this café is quite the centre of attraction literally .

#2. Café Basil

Situated in Miramar, this is one café you just must visit. Every bloody thing on the menu will titillate your taste buds and keep you wanting more. The Chicken B.B.Q is a personal favourite, priced at rupees 150/-. Due to its quality food, coupled with the surrounding colleges, it is difficult to get a seat out here. 

It gives one the option to play on the ukele, guitar and even try your hand at some sketching. Oh there is a decent display of books as well. Do keep in mind that the kitchen remains closed between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The over friendly staff, owners and tummy fitting food will make you want to revisit this place and probably end up a regular.

#1. Thirsty Bear

Might be getting  ahead of myself, but best waffles and cheesecake in the entire state at this place. Nestled on the Bambolim highway, with a decent sit out and an even more intriguing sit in. The well put together frames of celebrities with their famous quotes displayed on the walls are eye catching.

The waffle priced at 350/- rupees and cheese cake a little fewer than 200/-  rupees if my memory serves me right, is reason enough to be here. The added advantage of this place is the fact that it is open 24 hours. The Gelato is decent enough if you’re a sweet tooth like myself. 

Off to down some espresso shots, catch up with you sooner than I'd like to.

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  1. ♡ Lily's Flower.. food and milkshakes...too good!! And so is Cafe Basil's