Friday, 22 April 2016

After Party for the tummy: Top 5 spots to head to after a party

So the party never stops when you’re in Goa? That’s a lie, there’s always an after party! Well for me however an after party involves sobering down and returning home safe. That however is secondary; my stomach deserves the after party more than anything else. Nothing completes a night out with a satisfactory meal before hitting the sack. So here are a few of the after party hang out spots which are open in the wee hours of the night, actually dawn almost. Though Goa may boast about its nightlife, there are honestly limited places you can actually head to. 

Here is the list of my favourite 5 after party hang out spots based on food.

#5. Nescafe, Miramar

Open 24 hours, this café will give you the chilled out space you need to discuss the night that just flew by with your squad. A place for quality alone time if you’re a couple and can also be absolute mayhem if in a group. The proximity to the beach, gives it the added bonus. It’s practically your second home the moment you step foot. Don’t just get too carried away though, there are CCTV cameras installed. Service is quick, a bit overpriced. Good spread of food, however my favourite is the espresso and paneer tikka sandwich. The croissants, quiches, cold coffees, cappuccinos are definitely worth a shot.

#4. Fidalgo (Aunty Maria)

Club sandwiches, the best in the city may I add. Bacon, chicken, coleslaw, French fries and a mug of coffee all within 300 bucks. Pure delight. The coffee however comes in a flask which is sufficient for three persons. But when you want to sober down and feel refreshed, one flask would do no one any harm. Located in the heart of the city this used to be my favourite after party spot, but of late, the quality has plunged. The pastries are also available. Do not hesitate to try the apple pie and New York Cheesecake. If lucky, Biryani is also on the menu. Two persons should be more than content with the Dum Biryani. Luxurious sit out, and a decent place to crash till you’re ready to head home.

#3. KTC Bus stand, Panaji

Yes, the gaddos where you see half the youth smoke in broad daylight, however at 4.30 a.m till 6 a.m the scene is a tad different. The most freshly baked chicken patties, veg patties and samosas are on offer. Accompanied by some hot coffee and tea, and the occasional smokes for those who fancy it. One can get out and breathe in some fresh air and eat the most scrumptious of egg, chicken and veg patties. If you are too fancy to head to the gaddo, you can always have it parcelled and gorge on it in your four wheeler. Don’t blame me however for all the crumbs that will be filled in the car. 

#2. Thirsty Bear 

The best 24 hour stop for all your cravings. A bit pricy in comparison to the other places mentioned, but absolutely worth it. One of my favourite places to head to at any time of the day or night. Good coffee, great gelados and the best waffles and cheesecakes in the state. Especially after a long night, it tastes even more magical somehow. Great ambience and decent Wi-Fi . The portraits of celebrity quotes are something you don’t want to miss out on. Situated on the Bambolim Highway, no way you can miss this one.

 #1. Shantaram’s , Caranzalem

Quaint spot, located bang opposite the Caranzalem Chapel, could go unnoticed for the regular populace. Opens at sharp 5 a.m. serving the most delicious sheera, so hot and delectable you can’t settle for just one. Apart from that the patal bhaji,mirchi and samosas are so satisfying, you the g-spot of food if there was any accompanied with one of the best cups of tea. There is an outdoor as well as indoor setting. The ambience is anything fancy, shady honestly but hey if the food is good all else can be neglected.

It’s been quite the while have had a night out considering I’m stuck in Mangaluru answering my exams one last time. Won’t be too long since I have more experiences like these. I encourage you’ll to follow the same.

Image Courtesy : Google Images