Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Happy feet: Top 5 Bands in Goa

Goa loves its music and everybody wants to dance! And not just to a CD playing music but to a live band. This is almost like tradition. Weddings, Dance Balls are incomplete without our live bands. Some Dance Parties even have 2-3 bands playing on the same nights! for years friends and family met these dances to have a good time. Christmas, New Year, Easter, Red and Black ( a party of the eve of ash Wednesday), feasts saw these Dances that compulsorily had live bands playing. The music went on till the sunrise. But with new rules, apparently loud music is’nt allowed in open air venues after 10pm.. max 12am. With increase in clubs, this culture has kind of reduced, although people do no get the point, that clubs are open throughout the year and these Dance parties are live, are in open air venues and are Tradition! 

Here are few of these loved bands. 

#5. Ragaas 2 Riches

 This Goa based Band, is young and energetic. They play for weddings, food festivals etc. their band members are Genevieve (Gen) – Vocals,Rahul – Vocals,Ryan - Keys & Vocals,Amorin - Bass & Vocals,Ashwin - Lead Guitar,Jonathan – Drums.


# 4. Brothers in Arms

They made their debut in 1999, since then they are rocked their shows, performing at weddings, New Year’s as well as Christmas, at places like Emerald Lawns, on 25th and 31st nights. They have often brought in the New Year, with the New Year song, Auld lang Syne.


#3. Crimson Tide

A popular versatile band, their Genres - Pop, Slow rock, Portuguese & Indi Pop. Their Musicians - Edwin(Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Roy(Keyboards & Vocals), Colin(Lead Guitar & Vocals), Wellington(Bass Guitar & Vocals), Blasco(Drums), Tavia(Vocals). They often play at food and wine festival and the true Goan spirits just enjoy this.

#2. A26

Just 6 years old, this band has played not just at Goan weddings and festivals but also internationally. They are said to play a minimum of 120 gigs a year and are in demand during wedding season. Were extremely popular at AZUR in Marriott.

# 1. Alcatrazz

One of my favorites, in setting the spirit of Joy and Happiness. This band really makes me dance. Thankfully it plays often at Emerald Lawns on 25th and 31st December, and even if I’m really tired I just love dancing to them. They are lively and are in full demand. Their members Patrick, Peter, Jude and Cassy are great musicians and always manage to get crowds to the dance floor.


Band members are close to rock stars, so don’t hesitate to pick up an instrument and blow people’s minds away.