Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Old is Gold: Top 5 places to visit in Old Goa

Every tourist and person in Goa has lied to you if they’ve told you they have been to Goa and not visited this place. Possibly the first place you want to visit when you are in Goa. It’s a bit of the remains to Portugal and a place reputed because of its religious remains in the state. Of course there are residential areas and lots of decent food places to go along with it.

Here’s a list however of my top 5 places you want to visit in Old Goa.

#5. Old Goa Jetty

On the brinks of the Mandovi River , the Old Goa jetty presents itself in a very calm and composed manner. The best place to contemplate and just chill. More than a jetty, today it is the best fishing spot in the vicinity. People from different parts of the state gather here to get a good catch.

#4. Bom Jesus Basilica

This Church gets the most publicity within the state. St. Francis Xavier the patron saint of Goa has his body placed in this church. For nearly 400 years his body has been intact and is quite the miracle. With an auspicious rustic finish to the entire church, I see no reason as to why one would not want to go visit. It’s also got a museum and an altar with huge amount of gold plating. The feast is the grandest one in the entire state and is celebrated by all the locals of the state. This place is a World Heritage site and is taken care by the ASI as well.

#3. Se Cathedral

Exactly opposite to the Bom Jesus Basilica, divided only by a road and coconut trees you will get to lay your eyes upon this majestic structure. Kept simple and off cream in colour, one can easily believe they are in Scotland momentarily. The pine trees and fog make you actually believe it’s not part of tropical climate. Another Church which was built in the 16th Century by the Portuguese themselves.  Church has masses in different languages like English, Konkani, Hindi , Portuguese.

#2. St Augustine Tower

In absolute ruckus and ruins today, the tower still stands tall and mighty. Such an outstanding experience once you do enter the place. Masses would be conducted earlier here, but for some reason the structure fell apart. So rustic and a perfect spot for good photo shoots. Bit of a maze like feeling. However, it can be accessed only during the day. In the night it’s a bit of a haunted kind of feel.

#1. Church of Our Lady of the Monte

Such a picturesque beauty this one is. The picture itself I’m sure would make one want to probably settle down here. Located on a hill, you get to foresee most of the surrounding areas very distinctly. This church is not regularly functioning, but on requests they do have the Chapel feast, Wedding masses and the famous Monte Music Festival happening here.

I think these places are reason enough to visit and stay blessed.