Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wet Adventures: Top 5 water sport activities In Goa

Who doesn’t fancy a little adventure, thrill and an experience similar to that of cheating death? Hormones raging, Goa is the best place to fulfil your water sport fantasies. It does however come a t a price, but nonetheless it is totally worth every penny speaking from experience. To be fairly honest, speaking in Konkani will give you bonus points and the deal struck with the instructors will be a lot lighter on the pockets.

Here’s a list of my preferred 5 water sport activities within the state.

#5. Banana ride

Engaging minimum of four people and maximum 6, this is one ride you don’t want to miss out on. Sheer team work and diligent balance is the key to continue the ride. Although, the more haphazard the team is the more fun it is. Reason being, you stumble and fall in the water making it a very lasting memory. It can be experienced at Vagator, Calangute and Palolem beaches for roughly under 300 rupees per individual and the ride lasts under half an hour.

#4. Windsurfing

This takes some serious skill to execute initially. One must bear in mind the force and direction of the wind. Trust me, speaking from experience it’s not as simple and smooth sailing as seen in the movies. That stuff is done by professionals. Once you try it, you’d probably end up in the bloopers section. An instructor assists and guides the person who wants to try it out. The entire ride is about 600 rupees for an hour. Can be found at different locations like Vagator, Bambolim, Colva.

#3. Kayaking

I thoroughly enjoy this ride. You need strong arms for this nonetheless, but it’s more on the calm and peaceful end. A couple or an individual can sit in the kayak boats.  The oars are supposed to be manoeuvred in the opposite direction of the desired direction. For example if one wants to move to the right the oars have to be moved towards the left. Best place to Kayak as per me is Pallolem beach, where for an hour you pay rupees 200 per boat. The sunset timing is the perfect hour for this wanderlust.

#2. Parasailing

Absolute thrill is all I can say. A parachute is attached to each individual which is connected to the sail boat anchored deep. The boat is taken deep in to the waters. In one parachute with the help of a handle, either two individuals can go together or alone as well. With the right boat speed, the person is made to jump and drifts apart from the boat having the feeling like that of flying freely over the ocean like a bird. Goosebumps I tell you that feeling is, such sovereignty! The charges are roughly 600 per person, and the activity is done in a fairly large group. The whole ride takes about an hour collectively. Found in Anjuna, Calangute, Bogmalo and Candolim.

#1. Jet Skiing

For some reason I always considered myself a biker, and a biker on water is just next level stuff literally. The buzz one gets while riding this baby is unexplainable. The whole world is left behind once you ride these. They are found in abundance at Palollem and Mobor for about 1000 bucks for ten minutes or so. A bit pricy to be honest, but honestly you really can’t put a price for the involvement.

Quoting Sia “I love cheap thrills” and I may add I cannot lie. Try these and let me know if at any point am I wrong.

Image courtesy for all pictures except for jet skiing: Google Images


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