Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lounging, Pubbin' and So much more: Top 5 Lounges/ Pubs In Goa

There comes a point in everyone’s life, where they decide to just lay low. I concur that is exactly why pubs and lounges originated. Yea, call me frenetic, but I’m sticking to this explanation. Although a pub is more crowded and more beer oriented in contrast to a lounge, which is laidback and has a decent sitting and quality food service with preferably premium alcohol.

Lounges/pubs are perfect when you want to unwind and have a rather less energetic night or day as opposed to clubbing. One spends quality time with friends, good food and nice laid back music as well. Whether to gossip about your first kiss, breakup or sexual encounters, nothing goes better with a good clan, ambience, alcohol and food. Goa is no short of either gossip nor pubs and lounges.

For convenience I had to club both my top 5 pubs and lounges.

#5.Soro – The Village Pub

Like the name suggests and no surprises, soro meaning alcohol in Konkani is located in the green village of Assagao. From the owners of SinQ beach club, Soro from the exterior has maintained a very Goan tavern look to it. The moment you enter it, no surprises for guessing, it lives up to its fancy décor and shady lighting.

This place has a dedicated ladies night on Friday nights serving Sangria and martinis. They are also decked by live band performances, Dj’s and a very riveting concept of stand-up comic acts. Most of the activities take place in the air conditioned area inside. The outside sports a pool table and a decent drinking and eating section. Good quantity of food and well-priced alcohol as well out here. Not even 6 months old, this pub is giving its competitors a serious run for their money.

#4. Lounge Terminal

Located on the fifth floor of the Caculo mall in Panaji, this elite lounge is a class apart. Top notch furniture, décor and lighting. Sufficient number of television sets and decent background music sees no one complaining at all. Garbed food serving and a widespread alcohol menu of most imported alcohol is pouring here.
A very good concept about this lounge is you can buy a bottle, lock it and have it the next time you decide to visit. This definitely increases customer loyalty and also promulgates responsible drinking.

#3. Waters Beach Lounge and Grill

Possibly the most scenic view in the entire state, placed on the edge of the Vagator cliff and a sea view many would die for. Waters is a three layered master piece. Cubana seating, space for a DJ and an in house lounging space, I am an in absolute awe of this place.
Slightly high end, but the entire experience is absolutely worth it. The sun downers seem to be celestial out here. Food one can most definitely gorge on, like the name states, Grilled items is what you want to have on your plate.

#2. Down The Road Riverfront

Located in the heart of the city on the Rua De Ourem Road, this majestic pub shot to fame because of its projector multiple screenings of Euro Football games, FIFA World Cup as well as the Cricket World cup games. Two Storeyed with a river view, multi cuisine enchanting serving and more than obliging bar.
Possibly one of the veterans in Pub history of Goa, this place offers Karaoke as well as regular nights with a DJ on the console. The whole vibe of the place once you visit, will want you coming back for more.

#1. Café Mojo

Part of the Hotel Salida Del Sol, this Pub is absolute magic. Terrific interiors with its own brewery serving tap beer. For any item (food or alcohol) you need to avail of a Mojo card. Recently revamped and made to two storeys, this pub attracts a lot of foreign as well as national tourists. Has its own ladies night, Karaoke night as well as nights with a DJ.
The addition of a pool table and large projector screen to telecast live sport will only be an impetus to this Irish kind of a vibe Pub. Free cheese lings for every order only, entice people to come back for more.

Since I’m currently studying in Mangaluru, thinking of these places get me all nostalgic about all the good times my friends and me actually spent at these places.


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