Thursday, 17 March 2016

Beer Belly: Top 5 beers under 100 Rupees in Goa to try out

Beer is very close to my heart, I mean belly. I like to put the blame on beer for my figure, although in honesty it’s sheer procrastination. Alright coming back to the purpose of this post, I think beer and Goa share a very sacred bond. I’m not too sure, but I believe Goa is definitely one of the cheapest places on planet earth to sip on a beer, if not the cheapest that is. The very fact that the legal drinking age in Goa is 18 years and above speaks volumes.

Many people are of the belief that wine is the best aperitif. I however opine that is beer. Forget aperitif, even whilst having a scrumptious meal beer goes down so smooth. When with friends, family or just to chill, there’s nothing like a chilled beer on a hot summer day. People say this too shall pass beer helps you pass out. 

Okay I’ll stop being lame now and list out my top 5 beers to binge drink on under 100/- rupees. 

#5. King’s Black Label
No, this is not a poor man’s version or imitation of Johnnie Walker’s Black label. Its Goa’s very own locally brewed beer which is creating waves not only around the state but nationwide.

Don’t let this cute bottle structured fool you, it can be quite delightful and refreshing. This 330 ml pilsner is known for its light taste and strong aroma. The bottle just adds to its peculiarity. Priced at just rupees 30 at a wholesale retailer, I see no reason why one would not want to give it a try. The abv is 4.85 %.

#4. Bira 91

Fairly new in the market, this beer is seeing an unprecedented rise across the nation. It has definitely found a strong fan base in Goa as well. Mixed with malts from France, Belgium and Bavarian Farms. Brewed in New Delhi itself, this results in the perfect output of Bira 91.

Available in two distinct variants white and blonde, the white ale is a wheat beer with low bitterness and a mix of spicy citrus. This is priced at rupees 90/- at a Goan wholesale retailer for 330 ml. The blonde is five rupees cheaper in comparison and is made of barley as the made ingredient. Despite being on the pricy side, I would definitely recommend all beer lovers to definitely sip on these beers. Both have alcohol by volume of 4.9%.

#3. Carlsberg Elephant Strong

Danish beauty I call this, and definitely one of the best produce. Being an internationally recognised beer, it has done exceptionally well in the Indian and Goan market.

The strong factor really does play its part while consuming this beer. Abv is 7.2%. Priced at 65 rupees for a 500 ml can, this is an absolute steal. 

#2. Budweiser

It says American pale lager, but trust me it is anything but that. In fact, I’d say it’s radiant in all of its forms. Love how the cans are designed and particularly the logo font.

Very smooth and easy on the tongue and throat. Like it states buds, it’s definitely buds with buds whenever we buds decide to just chill out. Abv of 5% and decently priced at rupees 35 for the glass pints and rupees 60 for the 500 ml cans, this will certainly widen your circle of buds.

#1. Tuborg

A personal favourite and Copenhagen’s best, I definitely go all out for this brand. A part of the Carlsberg Group, it emulated the parent company in my opinion.

Found in vivid green bottles, this beer is also known for venturing and sponsoring various festivals in Goa. Abv of 4.6%, a pilsner priced at rupees 35 for the 330 ml and rupees 68 for 650 ml. I think the bottling itself will want you to indulge in it. The best part is you do not need an opener to binge drink.

Dam, I so feel like just supping on any of these beers after completing this post. Due to Lent constraints I will however have to abstain until Easter. Till then I’d recommend you’ll to try these out if you have not, and if have already, stick to your favourite brand. 

On a more serious note, please drink responsibly. The rest will follow. A great man once said, “Drinking provokes the desire, but takes away the performance.”

King's Black label beer image courtesy: Google Images


  1. Carlsberg is yummy.. like so soft and yummy

  2. Thanks for the photo inclusion. Also very informative piece for those who never drink, those who love drinking and those who are against drinking. It is very nice to see that you have started this blog.

    Keep on blogging and sharing your experiences.